Summaries of Deliverables

RobustSENSE´s progress will be documented by deliverables. Please download the documents written by the RobustSENSE experts from the overview below.

D2.1 RobustSENSE Initial System Specification (abstract)

D2.2 RobustSENSE Metrics and Validation Criteria (abstract)

D3.1 RobustSENSE Specification of the modular system architecture (abstract)

General project material

Please find our project rollup and other information materials below. Just click on the related button to receive the RobustSENSE material.

RobustSENSE Project Roll-up

RobustSENSE ECSEL Factsheet

RobustSENSE ECSEL Poster

Scientific publications, events and other material

In this section, you will find information about events and congresses and related material that is published by the RobustSENSE partners.

June 2016: Poster “Functional System Architectures towards Fully Automated Driving” by Ömer Sahin Tas et. al., FZI @ IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium

January 2016: RobustSENSE presentation @Tech Center a-drive event, Ulm, Germany by Klaus Dietmayer (UULM)